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CCDRN: Newsletter


"The Norte Portugal Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR-N) is a public institution that works towards the integrated and sustainable development of the Norte Region of Portugal, contributing to the country’s competitiveness and cohesion."

At the same time I was working on Norte2020's website maintenance, I also worked for CCDRN's website (Drupal 6 CMS). My main job was the same: maintenance and new features.
For this website, the most complex project I had was the creation of a new newsletter which had to be appealing and flexible. 

It was made to have different templates depending how many news where chosen in newsletter form. (This because coding a newsletter is not as flexible like a normal webpage.) As you can see in the images, in the first option there is a template for when there are less elements and the second option is activated when there are more elements to include.