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Papel Marmorizado (livro das oficinas)

Papel Marmorizado

Reprodução e criação em contexto oficinal na FBAUP
(Paper Marbling: Reproduction and creation in FBAUP's workshops context)

This publication is a compilation of a testing series dedicated to the creation of different marbling patterns on paper, from the classic to modern trials, with the development of bath and paint formulas. It registers from the first tests until great results appeared, where all type of baths and paints are described for each print.

This research project had the participation of Ana Margarida Rocha, Cláudia Queirós, David Lopes and Giulia Ferrigato, team coordinated by Prof. Dr. Graciela Machado. It started after the workshop “PRINT PREVIEW IV: Ebru” with the introduction about the paper marbling turkish technique - Ebru - by Yasin Genc, at 4th December 2015.