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Print Preview VII — Book elements: paper marbling

Print Preview VII

Book elements: paper marbling

During my MA's thesis about bookbinding, I participated in a 5 months research about paper marbling at FBAUP's workshops. This research is documented in the publication Papel Marmorizado: Reprodução e criação em contexto oficinal na FBAUP (Paper Marbling: reproduction and creation in the context of FBAUP's workshops). It was only possible in the coordination of Prof. Dr. Graciela Machado (FBAUP's Printmaking Main Teacher) and the well coordinated team of Ana Margarida Rocha, Cláudia Queirós, David Lopes and Giulia Ferrigato.

When the research conquered great results, all of us decided to organize a workshop about all the solutions and drawing processes we found out and tested during this time, in the wing of the project Pure Print. This was divided in two sessions and happened at 28th and 29th April 2016.